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            Jiangsu Minnuo Special equipment co., LTD., founded in May 2012, is located in jingjiang city of business incubator with industrial park set no. 1. Company registered capital of 51.8 million yuan, covers an area of 36000 square meters, construction area of 28000 square meters, the main production and testing equipment 360 units (sets), the existing staff of 258 people, including 6 senior titles, intermediate title 22 people. The company mainly produces series of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, industrial welding gas cylinder, low, medium pressure vessel, and the first Ⅲ mining, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry and other supporting facilities.

            Cylinder products market sales regions throughout all over the country, enjoy the "high degree of automation, the optimal quality, the credibility of good" market reputation, is currently widely used in gas, the river's natural gas liquefied gas company, sinopec, Shanghai, shenzhen company, etc. Company in May 2015 KGS certification, South Korea, and South Korea S.K.K, friendship and cooperation, has been successfully exported to South Korea 20000 only 20 kg cylinders.

            Company adhering to the "wholeheartedly for the people, the eternal promise, honesty molded in one hundred people's" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "quality security, the customer is supreme, science and technology innovation, continuous improvement" the quality policy, to continuously improve quality assurance system, to a steady and healthy development of the company. Company will, as always, adhere to the "heavy contract, keep promise" business philosophy, adhere to the "credibility first, quality service, equality and mutual benefit, common development" business purposes.pay attention to the transverse joint, extensive cooperation with universities, scientific research institutions, to accumulate the advanced experience of special equipment design, manufacture, a long time in the future to carry out the strategy of the development of science and technology, science and technology talent reserves, continuously research and develop energy efficient and environmentally friendly products, with the concern and support of friends from various circles at home and abroad, relying on people's wisdom and unremitting efforts, to join hands in creating a better brilliant tomorrow!


    地址: 江蘇省靖江市新橋鎮工業園區禮士創業園1號
    傳真: 0523-80238855
    郵箱: cnminnuo@163.com
    網址: www.bluenuo.com

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